H1N1 claims another victim(AP File Photo)

The lawyer died two weeks after two women died from complications from influenza-like illness.

The man was admitted at the private hospital in Johor Baru on April 4, after showing symptoms for nine days.

According to Malaysian newspaper, The Star, laboratory test showed that the victim, who was in the high-risk category, was infected with A(H1N1) and suffered from several complications such as acute kidney failure and sepsis.

Family members of the lawyer tried their best to save him and as a last resort, transferred him to a hospital in Singapore when his health deteriorated.

Health director-general Tan Sri Dr Ismail Merican said the two earlier deaths reported, were not part of the statistics as their deaths were not directly related to H1N1.

The two women were a 29-year-old pregnant woman, and her elderly mother from Malacca.

According to the Health Ministry, 678 cases of influenza-like illness were treated at hospitals nationwide as of Monday (12.04.2010), with 66 people confirmed to have been infected with A(H1N1).

Dr Ismail told The Star, that the country was not experiencing a second wave of A(H1N1), and if that was to happen, it would be different with a more virulent virus.

Dr Ismail said "even though we are not facing a second wave, the ministry has already prepared for it since the A(H1N1) pandemic broke last year. The public, however, can reduce the possibility of getting infected by taking the necessary precautions, including taking care of their health and personal hygiene."