Tuesday, 20 January 2009

A tribute to Mak Lok

"My mum passed away at 8.45am yesterday.Al Fatihah"

I got this sms around 4pm from a very dear friend of mine whom I did not see for more than one year. We live nearby, but somehow whenever the school break comes we never got the opportunity to meet. We plan to meet but at the very last minute one of us won't able to make it. Maybe our "rezeki" has yet to come.

The news came as a big surprise to me. Although I am not so close to her family, but there is something about Mak Lok that makes me feel warm and welcomed whenever I come to her house....I used to sleep over and even break fast at her house. Her nasi ayam is superb! She will treat me just like her own daughter but I was not aware of that until today.

May Allah bless her soul....AL FATIHAH....